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Steve Hayes graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1976 with a BFA in Fine Arts.  He split his time between fine arts and graphic design, with fine arts being his passion and it is at the heart of his illustration style.

Early Years

Steve spent three years with Gibson Greetings in Cincinnati illustrating humorous greeting cards and various paper products.  This is where he developed his illustration style.  He spent the next few years working in design studios getting much more involved and experienced in advertising.

A New Possibility

In 1980 Steve participated in a new program called, "The EST Training". This would be a turning point in his life. Every area of his life opened up out of doing this and he found himself being fully self-expressed and taking risks where previously he had been "playing safe". At this point he chose to go out on his own and do what he knew he had been wanting to do for years.


Freelancing forced Steve to be creative in marketing his talent so he worked in a wide range of areas with his illustration.  He did a bit of work in publishing, primarily directed at the children's' market.  He worked on children's books, textbooks, greeting cards and paper products, advertising, packaging and many variations of these.


One area Steve loves to work in is the creation of characters to represent campaigns or be a mascot or spokesperson for a product or campaign. He created a character for Cincinnati's recycling program. This character is a Bassett Hound named Spencer. This has been a very successful and well-received campaign where Spencer has been used in print, television animation, radio, billboards and educational materials for the Cincinnati Public School system.

Zelda and Buster

Another character Steve created in 1989 was a female character named Zelda.  She was introduced in a line of greeting cards that are still very successful.  Zelda was used as a spokesperson for a Cincinnati based company, Fredericks, that was in the health and fitness industry.  Buster is a cartoon bus character done for the Cincinnati Metro bus company.  Buster has been used to promote the benefits of riding the bus in an educational campaign directed at children.

In Summary

Steve has continued to work in a wide range of areas and for many different clients around the country.  His work has ranged from children's' books to packaging to animation.  Steve is very passionate about what he does.  Every project is an opportunity to be fully expressed, make a difference and create new and exciting solutions for the client.  Steve is reliable, count-onable, and committed to providing extraordinary service and exceeding all expectations.


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